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Ladybird Editing

From outline to on shelves, I love to see books in the making. I am an editor first and foremost specializing in fantasy and science fiction. Crisp, clean, captivating prose is what I live to write, edit, and perfect.

Editing at its Finest

I work tirelessly to make sure your book looks great, feels great, and is great so you don't have to. I've been a line and copy editor for eight years for self-publishing and small press authors. These are the books, and the people, who often need the most help on the tightest budget. They're looking to get their fledgling writing careers off the ground or to just get a story into the world without all the rigamarole of traditional publishing. 

I've worked with authors across the fiction genres, but science fiction and fantasy are my bread and butter. I specialize in line editing, making sure that prose is crisp, clean, and captivating. Because the words used to tell a story should be as beautiful as the story itself. 

Assortment of Books

What I Can Do For You

Make your book awesome for less than the next guy.

Line Editing - ~$10.00/1,000 words

Editing the flow of your prose. This is making sure the writing is crisp, clean, and captivating. Manuscript returned with annotations made with Word's track changes.

  • Amateurish or wordy writing.

  • Clear technical errors.

  • Clichés & clarifying meaning.

  • Elimination jargon.

  • Making sure the prose sounds natural & each character is clear.

  • Fine-tuning your strong voice and style.

  • Light fact-checking.

  • Any notes on plot are made out of courtesy.

Content Editing ~​$9.00/1,000 words

Editing the substance of your piece. A good story can be poorly written, but a bad story can't be made good with pretty prose. ​

  • Plot & plot holes.

  • Pacing.

  • Structure.

  • Characters and their relationships.

  • Dialog.

  • Factual errors.

  • Establishing a strong voice & tone.

  • Identifying and cementing any themes. 

  • Includes a line edit of the first ten pages. 

Copy Editing - ~$3.50/500 words

Editing out the errors. When all is said and done, a copy edit is the final pass to get into the nitty gritty of your preferred style guide. ​

  • Technical errors.

  • Conforming to style guides.

  • Fact checking & cross referencing.

  • Fixing formatting quirks.

  • Any style or plot notes are made out of courtesy.

Anything Else

Need help with your outline, blog posts, or agent letter? I'll be more ​than happy to edit that too. 

Grammer Editing

What to Expect

When all is said and done, I return to you a manuscript with extensive notes made using Word's track changes feature. Everything will be fixed and explained. The first time something is corrected, I like to elaborate in the notes. And, if you have any questions when you're reviewing the changes, my inbox is always open to have a chat.

Not ready to commit? Request a test edit! Samples of about a thousand words are edited at no cost to you. Or you can catch the show. Live editing twice a week on Twitch. 


Holly Fish, Author

"Ladybird Editing was referred to me by another author/editor who had used her services and only had glowing things to say about the work. I reached out with high hopes already in place and was not disappointed. Ladybird Editing was prompt and professional and made this brand-new experience for me worrisome free. Expectations were set early and followed, and all my questions about the process were answered in a timely fashion. The edits were spot-on highlighting grammar and word choice areas to correct and suggestions for a smoother flow. The work was done within the timeframe as promised and Ladybird Editing continued to answer any follow up questions I had.

Would I use/recommend Ladybird Editing in the future? Absolutely!"

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